Dean/Cas, in the TARDIS


They’ve found themselves in tight spots before, but this is something new, even for the Winchesters.

Cas had dragged Dean inside a conveniently unlocked door as they beat a retreat from some seriously pissed off demons to find themselves faced with a man in a blue pinstripe suit and a long brown overcoat.

He looks at them down his long nose, unsurprised, before nodding his head at Castiel, “Nice coat,” and turning back to his console.

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Misha Collins, I don’t think I can love you more than I do right now.

You know what? I love the entire SPN cast but there’s something about Misha. He is like a little bit of everything and everyone you ever loved.

He is funny and over-confident but he can be shy, introverted and weird too. He is peaceful and he is loud and he talks too much to say nothing, and he tells you stories, the worst ones, the best of all and at the end, you can’t stop yourself from listening to his brutal, I’m-not-sure voice. You look at him sometimes and you know he is playing with your mind, he is acting all the time someone he is not, a character he created to protect himself from people like you, and sometimes, he is so pure, so true, that you just lose yourself between the one he is and the one he decides to show you. And he looks fresh and brand new but he has an old soul, he has been through too much, and he fell too hard, he get up too fast and he made you believe he is all fine but that’s not always true. He is so brave and so strong while he has fears, nightmares and his own Hell on Earth. And he loves what he knows too much, and he loves too hard people he doesn’t know at all -us. And so he trolls us whenever the fuck he wants to and he gives us opportunities and ideas and hopes. And he help us everyday without knowing it, or without believing it, at least. He is too good, and too and too and too everything. Finally, he is just a normal guy who does an amazing job and uses it to get to normal people, and to change them forever. And it makes him so much more than just an actor.

So yeah, there’s something about Misha. 


They still fucking don’t know.
[Agents of Shield 1x15]

Loki, wth are you doing?

3-sentence fic prompt: Destiel Pack-N-Ship store AU - have fun


Every day, this guy comes into the store, and every day, Dean helps him tape up mysterious boxes of books and figurines and strange little talismans and other weird shit. Every day, they chat a little and he smiles just the tiniest bit as he thanks Dean and hands over his credit card to pay.

Castiel Novak, says the card, and Dean’s memorized the name (and, more embarrassingly, the security code, since he’s typed it every day for three weeks).

Jo thinks it’s hilarious, because Castiel hangs back looking at tape and bubble wrap as the line moves, obviously timing his place in line to match up with Dean’s station, and Dean’s put off his lunch more than once to wait for the man to show up.

But it’s not until Castiel doesn’t show one day that Dean reaches the sudden conclusion that he’s got a terrible girly crush on the dude, and he’s grumping his way through the end of his shift when the door flies open and there’s Castiel, no box in hand, panting and dripping from the sudden rainstorm. “I have a delivery for you, this time,” he says, and strides forward, mashing his face to Dean’s, and Dean doesn’t even care that Jo’s applauding, or that the other customers are staring.

Aw. Ok. Um. Dean and Cas (obvs) in Dr. Sexy.


"You’re the most talented peripheral vascular surgeon I’ve ever worked with," Dean declared, ignoring the stares the hallway denizens shot their way as he did so. "The thrombin dosage wasn’t your fault, and you need to get over it."

"I wish it were as simple as believing what you want me to," Cas replied sadly as the background music swelled obnoxiously, "But even you can’t fix everything, Dean."

Do the thing!

Anonymous asked:
Mal Reynolds and Jack Harkness in a Supernatural episode of your choosing.



"Holy shit," Dean says, elbowing Sam. "I think that’s…"

"Hello," Jack Harkness cuts Dean off, pushing Mal Reynolds aside as he holds his hand out to Dean.

Dean looks around Jack and smiles at Mal. “How’s it goin’?”

Mal smirks at Jack. “I win. You owe me twenty bucks.”


Spock/Kirk as camp counselors


After six weeks working at Mr. McCoy’s Camp Stargazer Jim’s wondered a couple times just what made his co-counsellor decide that an overnight camp for 8-12 year olds was the right summer job, because Spock isn’t exactly what you’d call “good with kids”.

The kids know it, too, and they take every chance they get to test his preternatural calm and push what few buttons they find.

Today, Spock is covered in bright green paint, glitter across his cheekbones and what looks like sharpie hearts scrawled over his bare chest. He catches Jim’s eye and cocks a brow, and Jim feels himself starting to grin. “Need some help there, Spock?” he asks, and his co-counsellor just glares, stalking past him towards the cabin. 


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